Vikings & Tigers & Thunderhawks (Oh, my!)

Tigers Rugby hosted the Brighton Thunderhawks and the Northside Vikings to a round robin of scrimmages at Trailwinds Park.  Each team played four periods on a sunny cool morning on fields cleared with plows by the  City of Thornton.

The Tigers played 4 periods (two against each) and came away undefeated, although  the Vikings were up to the challenge. A late try by the Tigers’ Alec Walters decided the contest.  The Vikings beat the Thunderhawks in the first, but the start  up team from Brighton came back to tie the Vikings in the final stanza.

Walters,  Westin Dinnsmore, and Jeff Madigan scored two tries each, while Ben Onaindia, Jamison Escobar and Josiah Loving each score one apiece for Tigers RFC.   Onaindia missed a conversion, but Alec Walters went 7 for 7 including a long one from the left sideline to provide a decisive edge to the Tigers’ effort.

















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