Tigers Youth Fall Rugby Season Ends

Parents and Players,

On behalf of all our Tigers family, thank you to those who participated in this final weekend of rugby in Boulder. You were great ambassadors of our club for this final on the fly weekend. Boulder expressed sincere thanks for bringing what players we did.

I also want to thank those of you who sent some praise to Jason and I, and other coaches, for our coaching work this season. It goes a long way in keeping my rugby fire lit and I look forward to coming back for many seasons with the Tigers youth.

We endured much this fall season with injuries, small numbers at each age group, and rule changes week to week. The progression made by our players this season surpassed even my own expectations. New players and old players alike benefited greatly from the numbers we did have at practice. I hope that the gains we’ve made this season will encourage players to continue into High School and Spring rugby next year.

In the end the best form of thanks to me is when you share our sport with someone new. Parents you are our best allies in recruiting new youth! Please please please always be on the recruiting trail for us. Please feel free to share my information with anyone that has questions about the sport or the club.

In return I am going through the Colorado Olympic Rugby Academy Coaching Clinic, working directly with USA Eagles and Denver Stampede players, to hone my rugby knowledge and to be able to bring a better rugby product to the club and the Arvada/Broomfield area.

I look forward to seeing you all next season and continuing this Tiger tradition.

Thank you,

Sean May

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