December 1, 2023

Jamison Escobar visited New London, Connecticut last week, and accepted an appointment to attend the smallest of the five federal service academies, the Coast Guard Academy.  “I am proud to announce that I will be attending the United States Coast Guard Academy next year!”  said Jamison Escobar on his Facebook page. Escobar will attend Academy as a member of the class of 2019.” His hard work, talent and determination have paid off and will serve the Coast Guard well, where he will continue to make her family, school, community and country proud.

Cadet Escobar will earn college credit, housing, subsistence and prep school uniform allowances in a regular monthly paycheck. If all goes as planned, he will graduate and serve at least five years as a commissioned officer on active duty. Graduating from Ralston Valley High School, Jamison excelled academically, and was openly recruited to play for the Coast Guard Academy’s rugby team.  Escobar has played rugby for four years, and is currently the captain of Tigers Rugby Football Club, a HS boys club representing Arvada and Broomfield, Colorado.

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