Jason Robinson, Tigers Youth Rugby Director

Jason Robinson has revitalized the entire club in two years as the Tigers Youth Rugby Director, In his fourth year, he has already introduced rugby to 75 Arvada boys and girls ages 8 to 14. With 20 years of youth football experience, Jason has been invaluable to the entire program, which was at best, fledgling when he joined the effort in 2015. Jason impacted play and the culture immediately, and brought hope to the Tigers Rugby faithful, ensuring that the next wave of Arvada rugby players would be nurtured safely, and encouraged by the best.

Sean May, HS Boys Head Coach

Sean May begins his second year as the Head Coach of the Tigers’ HS Boys side. Coach May sees Tigers Rugby Football Cub as a vehicle for spreading the knowledge of the sport and the social traditions as well. Sean hails from Saint Augustine, Florida and has coached with Tigers Rugby for 2 years including youth and high school side play. Sean brings a dynamic and positive personality with advanced certification in rugby coaching. Coach May is proudly qualified as a Level 300 USA Rugby Coaching Certification, and Level 2 World Rugby Certification. Sean also was a student of the Colorado Rugby Academy with Olympic level players, promoting safety and skills in youth rugby. Coach May’s leadership earned the Tigers HS Boys the 2017 Rugby Colorado Team Sportsmanship Award.

Mark Chauncey, Vice President, Backs Coach

Mark Chauncey has served as vice president of Tigers Rugby Football Club, Inc. since 2014. Mark joined us 5 years ago while his son, Collin (UNC) played on our high school side. Mark has played back line for the Denver Highlanders RFC. Mark is instrumental in designing and implementing the Tigers attack (offense), back line defense, the kicking game, and backfield coverage.